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Posted on: February 2, 2009 1:32 pm

Super Bowl reaction - New Blog Format

Hey everyone, I wanted to start out by introducing a new format I will be using on this blog. For awhile I have been doing the whole baseball prospecting thing but, that has been exhausting. So, I am now looking to reactions to the games/sport events I watch. These could be NBA games, College Hoops games, the Super Bowl [wink], etc. I will also mix in other "features", and am looking to bring back my "Bandwagon", which is where I pick a team that is looking hot, or on the verge of getting hot. I have all the American League prospect lists so, if you ask for a particular one, I will work on posting it for you. I may also slowly release them all anyway when I have the time but, those are no longer the focus of this blog. Anyways, thank you for dropping by, I hope to win some regular readers, as always, please post a comment, I really like the feedback, and enjoy discussing, or arguing topics with you, feel free to comment on anything related to the topic.

For those of you who do not know, which I assume is most of you; I am historically a Packers fan. The 1996-1998 teams with guys like Brett Farve , Dorsey Levens , Robert Brooks, Antonio Freeman , Mark Chumra, Desmond Howard , Reggie White , Gilbert Brown , Darren Sharper , Leroy Butler, etc. really got me into football, and is my favorite team of all time. However, since that time my love for the Packers has waned and I have picked up cheering got a couple of other teams: the Saints, the Bills, the Steelers, and of course I still root for the Pack. The Saints because I love Drew Brees , he has been my fantasy quarterback through thick and thin for a long time now. The Bills because I love Marshawn Lynch , and I am an upstate New Yorker, you have to give me the Bills as an acceptable team to root for. Finally, the Steelers, growing up my cousins were huge Steelers fans, and they rubbed off on me. I had a bit of an infatuation with Kordell Stewart much like the one I had with Billy Edelin when he was in a Syracuse uniform. However, since the Steelers win their previous Super Bowl three years ago, I had stopped paying much attention to them.

The reason I tell you all this, is not so you can all question my fanhood but, to give you some background information before I tell you what my prediction was coming into last night's game. At about 1:00 in the afternoon yesterday, my friend David asked me for my prediction for the game. To be honest, I had not given it much thought, and after a few seconds I gave this answer, "The trace of a Steelers’ fan in me wants the Steelers to win, and I will root for the Steelers BUT , I do not see the Steelers' offense will be able to outscore the Cardinals, if they score three touchdowns." My official prediction was 21 - 17 Cardinals.

I was wrong, and I would like to offer a sincere apology to Ben Roethlisberger and the entire Pittsburgh Steelers offense because they did exactly what I thought they could not do. The final score, as you all know, is 27 - 23. If you take away the safety I had the Cardinals' score pegged, three touchdowns, and all three from the air, two to Larry Fitzgerald . However, I underestimated the passing proficiency of Ben Roethlisberger. This game, if nothing else, showed us just how good Big Ben is, and how much he has grown the last couple of years. Perhaps the most telling evidence of this is the fact that he ran for only two yards, while passing for 256. Roethlisberger yes used his scrambling ability to extend plays but, his biggest plays were still made with his arm, and not his legs. Roethlisberger also completed 70% of his passes. I am very high on Roethlisberger in this win, however, I do believe Santonio Holmes deserves the MVP trophy, his nine receptions accounted for more than one third of Rothlisberger’s completions, and he amassed more than half of Roethlisberger’s passing yards. It was also Santonio Holmes ’ ability to get yards after the catch that got the Steelers inside the ten on that final drive. Yes, it was also Holmes’ toes that tapped down but, Roethlisberger threw an absolutely perfect pass, so they both deserve equal credit there. Other props have to go out James Harrison for that interception return – the Longest Play in Super Bowl History – but, I would like to also give props to his defensive mates who gave him excellent blocking all the way down the field sans the last five or ten yards. Also, Larry Fitzgerald capped off a terrific playoff performance with two more touchdowns, setting all kinds of records last night. I do feel bad for him because he really has been the best player all post-season long, and he unlike Warner does not already have a ring. Lastly, Kurt Warner , if last night truly was the last time he plays, then I would like to say that he did end on top. Kurt Warner exemplifies the game of football the way it was meant to be played. At the beginning of his career we witnessed his determination and perseverance, and this season we got the opportunity to see those characteristics again, willing his teammates to change the culture of the Arizona Cardinals franchise . Every Cardinal fan owes that man a debt of gratitude , and I am thankful that I was able to see him play… that was way too sappy for my taste… can I get a redo?

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