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Posted on: February 10, 2008 6:00 pm

Bandwagon Hopping: 2/10/08 Louisville Cardinals

   [Sorry for the one month hiatus, Physiology tests, eh? Anyways back to the blog, and the premier segment on my blog... The Bandwagons of course!]

    There were times  earlier this season when I thought Louisville wasn't going to make the NCAA tournament.  They started the season ranked in the top 10, but lost to BYU, Dayton, and Purdue, with no significant wins.  They've gone 8-3 in the Big East, with wins against West Virginia and twice blowing Marquette away.  Then yesterday I witnessed, via the television, Louisville stun Georgetown in the second half. Beating them at their own style of basketball. The second half of that game was nothing, but perfection from Louisville.

    Prior to yesterday, it looked as if Georgetown would run away with the conference.  After a strong start West Virginia has fallen off the map, Syracuse's injuries prove to be detrimental to the teams ability to grasp their potential, and Pittsburgh has their own injury problems.  Marquette has begun to drop since conference play, Connecticut is still a bit young, and inexperienced, despite their promise, and although Notre Dame has been playing well during the Big East season, they still haven't showed that they are good enough to hang with Georgetown, or the elite teams in the country. 
    No team can win by the play of a single player, but Louisville's success has been stimulated by a catalyst, David Padgett.  He creates plays on both ends of the floors and despite average numbers (10 points 4 rebounds), he is the heart and soul of this Cardinals team. Following this season's end Padgett is unclear of what his future is.  He claims he's just concentrated on playing out his senior year. But, ifI were a betting man I'd say that he should look forward to next year, as I expect him to be taken in the late second round.  Terrence Williams is still a jack-of-all-trades type of player, and Jerry Smith has established himself as a good scorer.  Juan Palacios has never shown his full potential, but if he is finally healthy he could be a key to this teams success as well.  Louisville is my pick to win the Big East regular season title, and could play deep into March after a disappointing early exit last season.
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