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Posted on: June 6, 2009 11:57 pm

Astros Mock Draft

Hello all, I just participated in a mock draft on John Sickel’s blog, http://www.minorleagueball.com/ .  For the whole mock draft I strongly suggest you go to his site and view the whole thing.  He will be giving his input of each team’s draft there soon. 

The way his mock works, is, he assigns each organization a “scouting director”, that person was responsible for their team’s picks.  I took the role of Bobby Heck as the scouting director of the Houston Astros .  I had four picks to work with: 21, 69, 100 and 111 – we drafted the entire first day, the first three rounds and corresponding supplemental round.  Here is my input on each of my picks. 

I went into the “draft” looking to capitalize on last year’s stellar draft.  I wanted to come away with some upside arms and possibly some help up the middle, particularly at shortstop. 

21. Mike Trout OF Millville HS (New Jersey)

The top two guys on my draft board (with a realistic shot of getting to me) were Rex Brothers LHP Lipscomb and Chad James LHP Yukon HS (Oklahoma).  Brothers throws up to 97 as a lefty, while James throws in the low 90s with advanced secondary pitches for a HSer.  On the board at the time, I considered: Trout, Everett Williams, Eric Arnett, Garrett Gould, Matt Hobgood , Jiovanni Mier and Tim Wheeler , with Trout, Williams and Wheeler – all outfielders – as finalists.  This is where I stepped out of Bobby Heck’s shoes a bit.  I wanted to play this mock as if I were the Astros on Tuesday, what would they really do.  I have studied their draft philosophy a bit and feel like I have a good idea of what they would do.  However, if given the options of Trout, Williams and Wheeler, Trout may be third on their list.  Williams is an Austin native, and the best HS position player from Texas.  Obviously, he is high on their list.  He also happens to be one of the ten best athletes (according to PGcrosscheckers) in the draft, with one of the very best speed, power combos in the draft.  Tim Wheeler is an advanced bat with tools from Sacramento State.  He kind of fits the mold of a Jason Castro type hitter, and he would not be considered an overdraft – not that I think Castro was… I love me some Castro, I think we all know that by know.  Wheeler is possibly a five-tool outfielder, probably lacking too much power, with a good chance to move through the system pretty swiftly, Castro pace.  Hmm… I’m really starting to like that comp. Tim Wheeler = Jason Castro in centerfield.  Anyways, Trout has, potentially, one of the very best bats in the draft.  It’s my opinion that he’s the best five-tooler in the draft, with, possibly above-average power, plenty of speed and base-stealing ability, and he’ll be a good fielder in center with a strong arm.  I was very surprised Trout was still around and would be thrilled if Houston took him on Tuesday, but I would be surprised to see it.  Although Trout it signable, and a good athlete – the Astros loves athletes.  He’s from New Jersey and I don’t know how many times they’ve seen him and if they’d pick him over a local kid they may feel is his equal.  That’s my thought at least, when was the last time Houston picked someone picked someone from the Northeast? 

69. Colton Cain LHP/1B Waxahachie HS (Texas)

Here’s how my draft board went for this pick: David Renfroe, Slade Heathcott, Brody Colvin, Randal Grichuk, Jeff Malm and Colton Cain.  The first five were taken, leaving me with Cain.  Cain will be a tough sign for whoever takes him, but I think Houston would give it a shot – Ross Seaton, right?  Seaton is better, by the way.  I would lean towards Cain as a pitcher at this point.  Milb.com ’s draft report for him, says he throws a heavy sinking fastball up to 94, with an inconsistent breaking ball and a changeup, that he has a feel for.  Cain is a bit of a project because of his lack of solid secondary pitches, but he could be a very good starter if they develop. 

100. Kendal Volz RHP Baylor

In an interview with a Houston Chronicle write, Bobby Heck said he really liked the amount of pitching in the Big 12.  Some Big 12 pitchers he may be talking about are: AJ Morris, Kansas State, Andrew Doyle, Oklahoma, Andrew Oliver, Oklahoma State, Mike Neeseth, Nebraska and Kendal Volz, Baylor.  At the start of the season, Volz was considered a first rounder, but inconsistency and some questions about Volz’ ability to stay a starter have caused his stock to draft.  David Nick and Bryan Beglund, along with a plethora of Big 12 pitchers were on my draft list, but I feel like Volz is a solid pick.  Milb.com’s scouting report says the following about him, fastball between 88 and 92, but touches 97, low 80s slider, with tight rotation, low 80s changeup.  “N ot only did he show three good pitches, he threw them for strikes and with a purpose. Showed more maturity with his gameplan and looked more like a starting pitcher than he has previously.”  If this Volz shows up for Houston, they have a steal in the third round.  Even if Volz is a reliever, he profiles in the late innings and could be their closer of the future. 

111. Jake Cowan RHP San Jacinto JC (Texas)

Cowan is a steal, as far as I’m concerned.  He throws a mid 90s fastball, as well as two good secondary pitches, making his repertoire one of the better mixes in the draft.  Being a JUCO (junior college) player, Cowan is underrated going into the draft.  He has a good amount of upside as a starter and should be relatively easy to sign.  I did not consider anyone else for this pick. 

My personal mock draft, mocking the first three rounds, is coming along as well.  However, it will likely not be on the blog until late Monday. 

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